Our Story

During an Operation Enduring Freedom deployment, Jeremy Becker recognized a shortfall of effective and reputable service contractors supporting defense initiatives. Government agencies were spending excessive amounts of money on outdated, ineffective technology and unqualified consultants that were not incentivized to address the problems plaguing public sector organizations at all levels. In a combat zone, the consequences of such a support shortfall had the potential to be deadly. Jeremy decided if he made it back stateside alive, he’d take steps to address the lack of quality public-private partnerships plaguing our nation. 

 In 2015, Becker Digital was founded under the guiding principles of continued service to country. Our founders, Jeremy and Hannah Becker, drew upon their years of experience in academia, defense, and government to provide customized solutions for the community-facing challenges limiting public sector organizations’ mission and impact. Bootstrapping a small business required immense amounts of drive, ingenuity, and tenacity; however, the quality of Becker Digital’s work spoke for itself, and this small company was successful in entering the highly competitive landscape of government contracting

Becker Digital’s first few projects included connecting disabled post-9/11 veterans with medical care services, countering mis/disinformation campaigns negatively impacting a rural government agency, and recruiting Millennial students for a new college program that positively contributed to the economic growth of a historically underutilized business zone. The company developed expertise in generational marketing and recruiting, rural community engagement, and social media strategy and support. Becker Digital’s team of mission-driven subject matter experts prioritized the development real connections over fleeting clicks - a rare, yet effective, approach in today’s digitally saturated world. 

Today, Becker Digital specializes in bridging divides between public sector organizations and the diverse communities they were founded to serve. Becker Digital has developed a reputation for tackling seemingly-impossible problems and succeeding in effectively and responsibly achieving positive results. Consulting, digital strategy, and organizational training are areas of demonstrated expertise. Becker Digital’s team of military-connected consultants succeeds in harnessing technology to make our world a better place by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of mission-driven organizations.

As a veteran-owned small business, Becker Digital’s leadership firmly believes in the potential of good government practices to advance the mission and secure the future. Making our world a better place isn’t just a tagline for Becker Digital; it’s a mission that is reflected in company values, leadership, operations, and capabilities. Supporting public sector initiatives through the deployment of high-quality professional services remains Becker Digital’s driving objective. 

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