Engage Rural America

Connect with rural communities through marketing and outreach strategies.

Rural Marketing Services

Rural residents encounter many lifestyle challenges and opportunities that are unique to their locations. Communications and marketing tactics that work to capture the attention of urban and suburban residents may not be as effective at engaging rural residents, due to multiple geographic-based differences. Organizations that want to engage Rural America must implement a rural-informed marketing strategy.

Rural America is vibrant.

Rural residents include people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Diversity exists across multiple demographics, include ethnicity and race, socio-economic status, disability, political affiliation, and military service.

A successful rural marketing campaign will reflect the diverse rural communities they are intended to serve.

Rural populations are very active on social media.

They use social media differently than urban and suburban residents.

Rural Marketing Services include:

  • Communications

  • Digital Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Management Consulting

  • Marketing Consulting

  • Organizational Training

  • Program Outreach

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategic Planning

  • Web Design

Rural Strategy

Becker Digital has a successful track record of supporting public sector organizations and the rural communities they serve. Check out our past projects to learn more about our capabilities and demonstrated expertise.

Rural Outreach White Paper:

Engage America’s Rural Communities

Rural America is a vibrant segment of the United States population. Rural communities account for the majority of America’s landmass and approximately one-fifth of the country’s overall population. This geographically dispersed demographic is unique in lifestyle, needs, and priorities. Organizations that embrace a rural-focused strategy will be better positioned to foster long-term relationships in diverse rural communities.

Discover what makes rural life unique, and learn how organizations can effectively engage rural populations in this white paper.

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