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Social Media Support for the Public Sector

Social media can help mission-driven organizations connect with their community through increased public awareness. A well-managed social media campaign will go beyond the screen and prompt positive action from social media users. Social media is an essential component of any public engagement initiative and can require extensive research and skilled implementation to be truly effective. 

Engage Your Community

Effective social media management includes market research, digital strategy, content creation, campaign management, moderation and social listening, and performance analysis. Such endeavors can be time-consuming and often require specialized skill sets.

When strategically developed and managed, social media can yield many positive outcomes for government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Our Digital Communications Expertise:

Becker Digital’s demonstrated expertise in social media strategy development and execution can assist government agencies in improving the effectiveness of their communications and outreach initiatives.

Our team of subject matter experts harnesses the power of technology to advance the organization’s mission and increase community-wide impact. We utilize market research, digital marketing, and social media platforms to empower government agencies to support our communities. 

Social Media Services include:

  • Crisis communications management on social media

  • Disability-inclusive social media content and consulting

  • Generation Z, Millennial, Generation X, and Baby Boomer social media strategy

  • Organizational training on social media best practices

  • Social media assessments and performance evaluations

  • Social media content development and management on multiple platforms 

Areas of Expertise:

Our Work

Becker Digital is committed to the continued service of community and country by delivering high-quality services to mission-driven organizations.

We have past performance in multiple sectors, including government, nonprofit, and private industry.

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